SEAL - Save Endangered Animals Lives Art Contest

We are a group of 8th Grade Girl Scouts who hosted an endangered animals art contest in 2019. These are the t-shirts made out of the art contest winners art.  Thanks to everyone who submitted.

Blue Whale by Madeleine, Age 5 from Renton, WA
Narwhal by Kate, Age 11 from Bellevue, WA
Giant Panda by Emily Rose, Age 13 from Charleston, TN
Blue-throated Macaw by River, Age 16 from Valrico, FL

Sumatran Tiger by Corbin age 6 from Henrico, VA
Giant Panda by Kaley age 6 from Dardenne Prairie, MO
Bengal Tiger by Alice age 9 from Tampa, FL
Siberian Tiger by Addy age 9 from Ashland, VA
African Elephant by Adeline age 12 from Tampa, FL
Snow Leopard by Megan age 12 from Redmond, WA
African Wild Dog by Summer age 14 from Stafford, VA
Polar Bear by Grace age 15 from Bellevue, WA

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