Custom Holiday Slide Show
Benefiting Jazz Night School

Thank you for supporting Gwen's fundraiser for Jazz Night School by purchasing a custom holiday slide show! Please read the information below so that we can make you the best slide show possible.

  • PROVIDING PHOTOS: Look for an email within 48 hours from Melissa Cable (via Dropbox) that has your private folder link. Please place your photos in this folder. Your folder name matches your order number. Reference this number when making inquiries. Dropbox is an easy drag and drop, reputable file sharing service. Visit to learn more.

  • PHOTO DEADLINE: Photos are due by November 18th but we'd love to have them the day you receive your Dropbox link so we can schedule the work. Place all photos in your folder at the same time so we know you are ready to go.

  • PHOTO QUANTITY: We suggest submitting 15-30 photos. The sample slides (linked below) have 30 photos plus the greeting slide. The photo transitions are paced to match the length of the music. We suggest submitting 15-30 photos. With 15 photos, the image will change every 5 seconds, with 30 photos it will be half that time.

  • NAMING PHOTOS: One photo of your choice will start and end your show. Please label it PHOTO1. You do not need to name other photos unless you want them in order (if so, number them sequentially). 

  • GREETING SLIDE: The greeting slide will use the text you provided in the "Special Instructions" section of your order. There is a 100 character limit (including spaces).

    Start your text with your name. For example, "The Cables wish you happy holidays! Love, Chris, Melissa, Gwen and Aiden" or "The Cables send holiday greetings..." or The Cables hope your holidays are filled with joy...", etc.

    The service we contract with uses the first few words of your text to create the file name and it helps us keep track of the files. If you did not provide text, or want to change it, please reply to this email and send the new text. Orders with no text will not have a greeting slide.

  • DELIVERY: We will email you a link to your video between December 7-14 so you can share it with family and friends. All video links expire 12/31/2016. A copy of the original video can be downloaded from your Dropbox (once your link is generated) through 1/31/2017. 

  • VIDEO FILE TYPE: Your video will be a 360p MP4 that is best viewed on computers and handheld devices. If you provided high resolution photos and want a high resolution 720p or 1080p HD MP4, please contact us and we can provide this for a small additional fee. We can also provide code to embed your video into your website or blog.

  • VIEWING PAGE: The text on the viewing page will be the same as the sample below and will note your donation to the school. The button for supporting Jazz Night School will be over your PHOTO1 at the end and will link to the school's Capital Campaign site

    QUESTIONS? Reply to this email or call 425-765-7499 and we'll be happy to answer any questions. Thank you for your support!


    Sample Video 

    The Cables wish you happy holidays...

    Happy holidays! This holiday season, we have made a donation to Jazz Night School in honor of our family and friends. The school is working hard to make their dream of a new facility come true. Visit the link at the end of the video for more information. Until then, enjoy "Let It Snow" performed by one of the school's ensemble classes with Gwen and Janine (vocals), Jeff (bass), Paul (guitar), Bill (drums) and instructor Kelly Ash (piano). Enjoy!

    Created by fans of Jazz Night School (JNS1935)